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IT'S US!!!!

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Hi we are Steve and Donna, we are from Cornwall and we started travelling together in 2015 to Budapest, and we never looked back, in 5 years we have visited as many places as we could, with both working full time, but we are planning to eventually go for possibly good or wherever life directs us.

It's a strange time to start our blog during these covid times but will start from the beginning and hopefully, you guys will follow us for the future


I'm 44 years old. I first went abroad as a child with the school to France and Spain, then with my family to Corfu at 16. After that I decided that messing around with friends in my home town was more important than travelling and having new adventures, much to my disgust now, oh how the youth is wasted on the young !!! 😜. As I entered my 20's I had children, 4 in total, so any idea of travelling went on the back burner. I have been working as a butcher for 13 years and also a front of house in a Thai restaurant for 2 years then 7 years ago I went on my first holiday as an adult and haven't looked back since, caught the travel bug and want to eventually have a sabbatical.


I'm 30 years old. Once leaving school, at 15, I focused on building a career in early education which, working hard at reached a level 3 in childcare and am currently still involved with.

Due to my family living in Essex, when I had a holiday I would go visit them so I never really thought about travelling until I met Steve 6 years ago and he encouraged me to go abroad I now also have that travel bug.

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